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Quality of Life...

for Everyone.

Ventura is an eclectically beautiful city, combining art and culture, an expansive history, and the great outdoors. From the rich texture of the Westside to our historic downtown, to the breathtaking botanical gardens, no one loves this city more than me. That’s why I am running for City Council, District 3. I want to improve the quality of life…for everyone that calls Ventura home. That means respecting our precious past and looking to the future with a bold vision. That means taking action to attract and retain quality jobs, create affordable housing, and support our beaches, harbors, and hillsides so that we can continue to enjoy the charms of our city…for generations to come. I am committed to a better tomorrow, by working hard for you today.

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Health & Safety

The effect of this pandemic on home, family, and the economy is critical right now. Essential to both the health and safety of our community, mitigating the emotional and traumatic financial impact of COVID and making plans for the future will be of unqualified importance. As a business owner I know it takes a village. We need to collaborate creatively to keep our community safe, but keep our economy strong. I intend to focus on how can assist those deeply impacted by this pandemic, engaging leaders in problem resolution through collaboration; opening up opportunities to assist both our small businesses and larger concerns to flourish, using every tool in our COVID arsenal.


Homelessness continues to be a huge issue. I have worked on the Advisory Board of Interface Children and Family Services, Ventura County’s most comprehensive nonprofit provider of social services, including treatment for mental health, youth crisis, domestic violence, human trafficking, and early child and family development. Additionally, I served on the board of Goodwill Industries, which provides vocational and educational opportunities for economic justice.
Creating housing, working with behavioral healthcare organizations, and community non-profits to address the negative aspects of homelessness will take a thoughtful and multi-pronged approach to resolution, involving a collective of resources including both government and business.
Action needs to be taken now and daily to create significant progress. Projects Roomkey and Homekey, along with Ventura's ARCH, Ambassadors and our Safe and Clean Program are major accomplishments. Other innovative ideas including reducing restrictive and expensive building codes as variances specifically for homeless living will go a long way to assisting in creating housing opportunities. I will use my knowledge and experience as I champion this cause.

Water & Environment

These two issues go hand in hand. Clean water comes from a clean environment and creating open space is a part of that. Maintaining high-quality air and water, reducing water waste, eliminating one-time use plastics, and creating a more bicycle-friendly community to reduce carbon emissions are issues that I plan to work tirelessly to resolve or abate.
Over the last two years, I worked on a bipartisan federal climate change initiative—the carbon fee and dividend legislation, H.R. 763—co-sponsored by Salud Carbajal.
I’ve worked as a leader to build the Ventura Botanical Gardens for over a decade. I support the Ventura Land Trust and the work of the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust. I believe in and support open spaces for the physical and mental health of our community.
I stand for open spaces; I stand for the environment.

Natural Disasters

Having lost my home in the Thomas Fire, I worked with the City during the disaster, then afterward for our rebuild. Many of the homeowners believe the permitting process is long and frustrating and that there are things that can be done to streamline that process.
Beyond that, tragically, there are still those whose lives are not back to normal. This needs to be rectified.
I also recognize first-hand, the importance of community safety. I am so proud of our first responders as they fought to contain this devastating fire and worked to keep our community safe. Several lost their homes as they struggled against this massive catastrophe. I applaud their efforts.
We need to make sure that we are prepared for a future where this could happen again, and only through prevention, preparation and planning can we do that.

General Plan

We have a big job ahead of us with the design of our General Plan update. With water, housing, and homeless issues along with open space, outdoor and transportation opportunities, your vision for the future of Ventura is important.
I provide experience and knowledge with local public agencies—transportation, water, waste, air, culture and tourism, all significant elements of the Plan.
I have a background in strategy, planning and communication but more importantly, as your Councilmember, I will be accessible; listening to your vision, then communicating your thoughts and ideas into our new Plan.


As a 44-year Venturan, I have a deep understanding of the city I love. My husband and I raised our son here. We enjoyed baseball and soccer, scouts, school events, neighborhood get-togethers, and a strong sense of community that living here provides. I want to maintain that QUALITY OF LIFE… for everyone.

As President of the Ventura Botanical Gardens, my vision was to engage and inspire the community as we built this gem on the hilltop.

As a Public Art Chair and Commissioner, I fought to beautify Ventura by giving artists a stronger voice.

On the Interface Children Family Services and Goodwill Industries Boards, I’ve helped the underserved, the homeless, and families in need.

As a 25-year business owner, I understand the profound challenges this pandemic is imposing on our businesses and will work to mitigate the damage and create opportunities for owners to survive and thrive.

I am a semi-retired professor, running for office in a college district. I have the time and passion to devote to this important role.

Having lost my home in the Thomas Fire, I care deeply about those still without a home. I will fight to overcome the challenges they face and work for a SAFER tomorrow.

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